I am not perfect…But I am enough.

Carl Rogers

I identify as a cisgender, white settler of Scotch ancestry, on my mother’s side, and unknown ancestry on my father’s. I am deeply grateful to live, work and create on the unceded, never surrendered, ancestral territory of the Snuneymuxw Nation. I recognize I am an uninvited guest on these lands am indebted to present day and past generations of land and water defenders.

For over 20 years I have been providing services to children, youth and families who have experienced grief, loss and many forms of violence and harm.  I also have worked with fathers who have used violence and abuse with their partners and who want to make changes and improve their relationships with their children.

Creating trusting, safe environments for children so they can listen to their own needs has been a humbling, joyous experience. I am grateful for the children and youth who have been and continue to be my teachers.

I adapt my approaches to meet the needs of the diverse people I work with, drawing on: expressive arts and play, cognitive and somatic (body) approaches, feminism, Narrative therapy, mindfulness, EMDR and Response-based practice.  

After experiencing traumatic events, such as violence, separation, harassment or being fired from work, people can experience a sense of humiliation and being “acted upon.” Response-based practice helps to highlight what people already know, do and value in the face of mistreatment and helps to reaffirm and reassert
the sense of dignity and self-worth.

Dr. Catherine Richardson/Kinewesquao

I understand that many people are harmed by the way our current mental health care system is structured. I have experienced violence and abuse in my life. The way I responded to a sexualized assault as an adult caused me to have contact with the psychiatric system. I encourage the use of poetry, music and art in healing as these modalities were critical for me in finding my voice after this experience.

I am the provincial trainer for the PEACE Program for Children and Youth and have provided education and support to counsellors all over BC for the past ten years.  I provide clinical consult and hold degrees in education and counselling. I am registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, the First Nations Health Authority, ICBC and the Crime Victim Assistance Program .  Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about my background, training or experience.  

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